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Youth Merge lesson, Not a fan: Your one and only

Wes will teach our youth-led series this week!  The topic is “Your one and only.”  See you Sunday!

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Get Ready for Fall! 2018-2019 Ministry Schedule

Welcome Back!
Register Online August 10 for our 2018-2019 Ministry Programs!

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Post-RBC Camp Activities

For youth serving at RBC Camp, we’ll have some fun activities afterward.  The movie day details will come together later, once movie times have posted.

Download the permission slip here.

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Youth activities preview for AFTER RBC Camp

Youth helpers at RBC Camp will get to take part in some activities AFTER camp each day!

Important information about these activities:

    1. This is only open to youth camp helpers.
    2. We will need some chaperone support – let Kevin know if you are interested.
    3. Permission slip will be available as early as June 10.

So what are the activities?  Tentative schedule:
Monday: Brazilian dodgeball and pizza lunch ($3)
Tuesday: Swimming
WednesdayIncredibles 2 movie…so don’t go see it early!
Thursday: Walk to lunch at Gourmet Asian Bistro

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SCOTUS Cake Baking and Sunday’s Lesson

You may have heard that on June 4 the Supreme Court voted 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop to withhold services based on religiously held conviction.  If your teen is older, I wholeheartedly recommend discussion of this decision, what it means for Americans, and other, finer points of the issue.

Why do I bring all of this up here?

This Sunday, June 10, our youth will learn that God calls us to stand our ground, refusing to compromise when the truth of the gospel is at stake.  Our passage, Galatians 2:11-21, is less about withholding services and more about freely sharing God’s message with all people, regardless of who they are.  The tie in with the Supreme Court decision and our lesson leads to a few observations:

  1. Standing firm on God’s truth means we share the good news with everyone – no holding back.
  2. Our faith leads us to make very real, day-to-day decisions to either do or not do certain things out of obedience to God.  Religious exercise should never be confined within church walls.
  3. Whatever decision we make must be based on God’s truth and convey God’s love.
  4. We can thank God for the religious liberty to operate on our sincerely held religious beliefs while realizing the law may not always make provision for us to do so.

Perhaps you have different observations.  Talk to your teen or pre-teen about our call to stand firm on the gospel.  Here’s a discussion sheet to help.

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Help for Dan’s Eagle Scout project

Dan is working on his Eagle Scout project THIS Saturday. Let’s help him…because helping him is also helping us…because he’s doing work at the church 🙂

Tasks include repairing the Youth House steps AND redoing some mulch beds.

Help him know you’re coming by completing this form:

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Did you see our sponsor child visit video?

Our visit to see Carlos was wonderful!  We want to continue encouraging him through letters and gifts that will help us connect better with him and his needs.

How you can pray:

  • Godly influences in his life – Carlos has not known his mother or father since he was two years old.  He is now thirteen and lives with his grandmother.
  • Physical needs to be met (food, clothing, shelter) – Carlos and his family may be evicted.  The landowner where they rent wants to sell the property.
  • Spiritual growth

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Fuel: Discerning Media – “Stressed Out”

This Sunday at Fuel we will

have a chance to evaluate media according to God’s message to us.  How will we do that?  By investigating the song “Stressed Out” by twenty one pilots.  The Atlantic calls this song “the anthem of millennial anxiety.”

It brings up biblical themes about how we handle stress, the point of our work, and the goal of life.  My prayer is that students are awakened to view their lives according to God’s purpose, not any other one.

Take a look at the 3(D) guide provided by the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding on this song.

And don’t forget – Parents are invited on Feb. 25 for a special parent meeting – with dinner.  RSVP if you can and arrive at 5:00pm in the barn.



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ReCharge Camp IMPORTANT Update

So far we have 13 students registered for ReCharge Camp, plus space for four chaperones.

At this point, all camp registrations go on a waiting list!  This means Skycroft has to confirm space is available before we can add you.  It also means the sooner you register, the better.  I am hopeful that we can add more spaces, but I had to release the extras we had reserved or face a hefty charge if we released them after Feb. 15.

Future slots will be added on a first come, first served basis.

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Don’t forget: ReCharge Camp earlybird deadline is TUESDAY!

ReCharge Camp will be June 17-22!

Costs per camper are $290.

Check the camp page for full details and registration.  Early bird registration ends after Tuesday, Feb. 13!

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