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CONNECT in a summer small group series!

This summer you have a chance to join a six week small group and connect with a few fellow Redlanders!  The study is called “Befriend,” and through video and discussion you’ll get to examine together how God’s love can work through you to befriend people with different needs, including yourself!

Key info:

  • Series is six sessions (one per week) and begins the week of July 8.
  • Sign up even if you can only attend a few sessions.
  • Sign up in the foyer starting June 10.
  • Companion book is $10.

National Christian Choir Patriotic Concert Event, June 30

Prime Time Adults are invited to join us for an excellent event that highlights the blessings of this nation!  You must sign up for this event – registration table will be in the church foyer.  Event includes travel by bus together (if you wish), patriotic concert, and a late lunch. … (more)

June is “Connect your faith month” in the Library

This coming month (starting May 27, actually) the church library will feature resources to help you connect your faith with the issues of life.  From topics of ethics to everyday struggles, the sure hope in Jesus and the promises in his Word help us know how to face each situation.  Ask about these resources in the library, or just click here to see a list we’ve compiled.  You’ll find great books like Bob Goff’s Love Does.

You can always search visit on our new library page,  To June’s featured books, search using the term “connect-faith”.

Prime Time Adult Spring Trips!

Attention Prime Time Adults!

The following may be of interest to you for a fun Spring outing:
(1) National Christian Choir will present a Patriotic Concert, Saturday, June 30, at Hanover First Church of God, 600 Fairview Drive, Hanover, PA.

(2) US Marine Corps Band concert at Wolf Trap, Filene Center, Sunday, May 27, 8:00pm.  There will be fireworks!!!

Both events are FREE.

March 25 Prime Time Survey Results

Attention Prime Timers:

The long awaited results from our March 25 survey are in!! The results made clear your level of interest in the activities the Strategy Team developed to guide our program going forward. A total of 60 people responded to the survey and although most responses fell in line with the team’s ideas of what would be of interest, other responses pointed to limited or no interest. Pick up a copy of a short review of the responses from the Literature Stand in the Foyer. This will also be e-mailed out those on our newsletter distribution list.

A short review of the responses is as follows:

  1. An overwhelming majority of you feel that Prime Time activities should align with our mission statement. So, in light of that, your responses are grouped accordingly.

Providing opportunities for Christian fellowship

  1. You feel that if you are not interested in a given activity, you would still consider participating, if it helps to promote fellowship within the group.
  2. You expressed an overwhelming interest in fun outings, local tours, professional theater and musical productions, local HS productions, and band and choir concerts. You are also overwhelmingly interested in planned fellowship opportunities through regularly scheduled informal get-togethers, e.g., at restaurants, pot luck meals in the ROC or in the homes of those willing to host an event. (You’ll be hearing from us soon.)
  3. More than half of you would be willing to financially support the purchase of a new church van, if presented to and approved by the church.

 Honoring God by welcoming people to Redland Baptist Church

  1. More than half of you expressed an interest in volunteering for the First Impression Team. (You should see Bill Archer ASAP to sign up. You are needed!)

Serving, encouraging, and caring for others in the community with our gifts and talents

  1. Thirteen of you are willing to lead a monthly bible study. (How great is that!)
  2. More than half of you want to assist the church in outreach efforts.
  3. A sizable number of you are willing to (a) serve as a contact agent to make seniors aware of upcoming activities; (b) transport other seniors, who no longer drive, to medical or other appointments; and (c) become a member of a visitation brigade to reach out to and fellowship with homebound seniors.

Intergenerational mentoring

  1. Nearly 20 of you are willing to tutor our youth in academic subjects or volunteer for an assignment in RBC Camp. (I’ve signed up for RBC camp.  What about you?)

The survey found little to no interest in volunteering in the nursery, coaching in the Upwards Program, putting on a talent show, or working in Habitat for Humanity, and that’s OK.  We know not to include any activities in those areas.

Prime Timers, job well done!
Marilyn J., Prime Time Adults Director

New Prime Time Mission Statement

Dear Seniors,

Your Prime Time Strategy Team, led by Marilyn J., has been hard at  work!  We wanted to let you know that this past Saturday we met to discuss the mission of Prime Time Senior Adults and came up with the following mission statement that we want to share with you:

Mission Statement:

The mission of RBC Prime Time Seniors Ministry is to elevate the honor of seniors who follow Christ through outreach, proclaiming God’s truth to others, and exemplifying His character through our conduct and service by:

  • Welcoming people, especially other seniors, to our church
  • Serving as an outlet for seniors to use their gifts and talents to the glory of God
  • Providing opportunities for fellowship
  • Providing intergenerational mentoring
  • Encouraging/Caring/Serving other seniors

Luncheon coming up

A luncheon will be held likely in late March to gather Prime Timers together, share updates, and get feedback.  Stay tuned for that date.

What’s new with Prime Time?

Hello Prime Time Adults,

This is just a quick update to let you know that we are progressing with this great ministry.  So what is happening?

  • A planning team will meet for this ministry in early December
  • A post-Christmas event is tentatively planned for Sat., December 30.  This will be held at a restaurant.
  • The trip to the Museum of the Bible is still scheduled for Jan. 20.
  • Several Prime Time Adults went to the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center on Nov. 27!

Let’s keep praying for God’s guidance.

Your partner in ministry,


Last call to take the survey!

Our Senior Adult Survey has been up for three weeks now, but we need to finalize it.  Please take the survey no later than Wednesday, Dec. 6.  See information below.

One of our Prime Timers – Richard M. – developed a survey to assess not only your interests regarding Prime Time ministry but also your sense of importance regarding the white board items named during our Nov. 5 summit.

Take the survey by clicking here.

Take the Senior Adult follow up survey!

One of our Prime Timers – Richard M. – developed a survey to assess not only your interests regarding Prime Time ministry but also your sense of importance regarding the white board items named during our Nov. 5 summit.

Take the survey by clicking here.

This survey will be open for about two weeks.

Serve at the OCC Processing Center on Nov. 27!


You are invited to join a group from Redland that will inspect and load shoeboxes on Nov. 27, from 3:00-7:00pm.  There is a job for everyone, and you’ll develop great connections while completing important work!  Must be age 13 or older.  Contact Mike Smith for details (contact info available at church).

Sign up here.

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