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The Great Snowed In of 2010!

Make Memories during the blizzard of 2010

It’s amazing to see snow fall!?

I love the picture painted in Scripture of how our Savior’s love can wash away our sin, whiter than snow.  That is a comforting truth!

As your family is snow bound, how are you redeeming the time?

After storm #1 of 2 to 3 inches of snow falling per hour and a record breaking snow fall of 32 inches is over.  What memories will be left?  Besides the snow wall lining your driveway that stretches to 5 feet, or pictures you took on your digital camera.  What impressions will you leave?  Now a few day’s later storm #2 is predicted to fall adding 16 to 20 more inches on top of the already 32 inches of snow.  Here is an opportunity to make a memory.  Have fun and enjoy your family!

Please share stories and ideas of what you and your family have done during the snow storm of 2010.  I am looking forward to hear from you!

In His Grip,


Men’s Fraternity Quest Study Session 1 &2

Men’s Fraternity Guys!

We had a great launch last week!  This morning we continued our time together.  /We started looking at the four faces of manhood.  If you missed out today or session1, you can go to the website: and download the session you need for $3 and watch it 5 times on the same CPU in a 3o day period.  The link takes you directly to the Men’s Fraternity website.

It is not to late to join us each Tuesday at 6:30 am and feel welcome to bring a friend.  Remember this is a quest for men, so join us on The Quest.

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There is no “I” in Team!

Grace at HomeHave you ever heard the saying, “There is NO “I” in TEAM”?

It makes lots of sense, but have you ever thought of it in the context of your family?

“The Family” as a team.  Teams are generally made up of individuals with gifts and talents that contribute to the over all effectiveness of the team.  It requires each individual doing their part, teamwork.

I think many times in a family there is an interal competiveness that exists.  Of course, amoung your children there will be nature tendencies for competiveness.  Most of the time it is your children looking for attention.  I have three boys and the two older ones turn everything into a competition.  Many times we write it off as them just being boys.

Let’s think of the family competition in another way.  What about the husband and wife.  Does your relationship ever feel like your competing?  Do you feel like you working against each other?

I think viewing your family as a team is a healthy way to learn to work and play together, for the whole family as well as husband and wife.  Remember your on the same team!  Start in simple ways.  Look at your home responsiblities as a team effort.  However you divide up the responsiblities at home, find ways to work together.

In His Grip,


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