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Verse of the week

Parents, get in the game with the verses.  You can say them, too!  Growing together is one of the hallmarks of GRACE-Driven Families!


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Seeing ourselves clearly – a great discussion to have


This Sunday our students will study a powerful account of Isaiah’s vision in the temple of the Lord.  He is forever changed.  Most specifically, his encounter with a holy God makes him aware of his own lack of holiness – his sinfulness.  After confessing his sin, he is purified and commissioned for effective ministry.

Youth will discover that the reality of sin can only be rightly understood when compared to God’s personal holiness.  No other comparison allows us to see ourselves rightly.

Continue the conversation this week!  Download this sheet or pick one up from Rev Kev or the Barn on Sunday.

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Youth Corn Maze Event, October 8!


We are heading to Winterbrook Farm in Thurmont for a super-fun event!

Download permission slip here

Event:  Corn Maze

Date:  Saturday, October 8

Drop-off:  4:30pm at RBC

Pick-up:  10:00pm at RBC

Cost:  $10 per person (pay on 10/8)

 Due dates:  Slip due by Sunday, October 2 to secure your spot.

Bring:  Boots, jacket, and flashlight (Plan for cold, muddy, and dark conditions)

Additional Info:  Website found at

 Parents, we could use help transporting and traveling (please let Kevin know by 10/2)!

 Cost includes the maze and food.  We’ll be eating around a campfire together!

 Please note, we will require adequate transportation and chaperone support in order to hold tis event.


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Can medicine cure ALL sickness?

image-11This Sunday our youth will discuss a Syrian named Naaman, who had a very surprising encounter while seeking healing for his skin disease.  What Naaman discovered is that his leprosy was nothing compared to his spiritual sickness.

Take some time this week for conversation with your student about this topic.  We are often blind to our own spiritual sickness.

Here is a link to the conversation guide.  I’ll have these printed for you at the youth info panel in the foyer.

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Verse of the week

Did you know that memorizing the RYM verse is just one option?  We encourage hiding God’s Word into hearts.  For those creative types, this could involve creating some artwork or a video that interacts with the verse.


Youth may recite this at church for a candy bar.

And they should say it at home for a prize from you  😀

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Join us for the church workday!


Saturday, Sep. 10.  9:00am – 3:00pm.  Rain or shine.   Lunch provided.  Drop in when you can!

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One conversation you need to have

elijahdespairThis Sunday youth will discuss Elijah’s despair from 1 Kings 19.  We’ll look at how he went from the “mountaintop experience” in that showdown against the prophets of Baal to the valley of discouragement.  This will help us as we look at our own lives and realize that we encounter the same struggles from time to time.

Discouragement is inevitable; what we do with it is up to us.

Even in our moments of disbelief, God is with us.  Youth will learn that this Sunday.  Don’t let it end there.  Use this one conversation sheet to have at least one talk at home.

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New Youth Curriculum? Here’s why.

Beginning this Sunday, Sep. 4, the youth ministry will have a new curriculum.  We will be using Lifeway’s “The Gospel Project” for students.  Why the change?  Here are 3 reasons:

  1. Journey through Scripture.  The Gospel Project (TGP) takes a 3 year tour through God’s Word, which means your teen can walk through the Bible twice with us during his/her youth career.  Didn’t the old stuff do that?  Well, yeah, but it jumped around too much for us to really tell.
  2. Same sheet of music.  Instead of different lessons taught in each grade, we’re all able to teach the same thing each week (12th grade will be different, teaching current events with some key life preparation).  This extends beyond the youth, because adults can join a Sunday School class that teaches TGP, too!
  3. Honestly, it’s better.  We’re upgrading, so to speak, to a curriculum that teaches God’s Word while emphasizing life application from it.  Plus, we’ll have student guides and visual aids that will help connect with the lessons better.

You can still expect discussion guides – called One Conversation – so that you can grow at home as a family.  Here is this week’s One Conversation sheet:  One Conversation: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Classroom changes.  We are making some slight classroom changes this year, too.  We will have 4 total classes:  6th-7th, 8th-9th, 10th-11th, and 12th.  This will help with occasional teacher absences and keep our average attendance in a good range to make each class the most beneficial.

Thanks for walking with us in our Sunday School programming this year!

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RYM Monthly verse challenge

2016-09Here’s the verse of the month!  We’ll reward youth who say this at church.  What about you?  Consider an incentive when they say it at home.


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9 Square

image (10)

We’re so thankful for Phil’s Eagle Scout project that brought this to us.  Thanks to all the youth, adults, and other scouts for making it happen, too!

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