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Mission Trip Location Confirmed. We’re headed to…

Our World Changers Mission Trip location has been confirmed.  We are headed to Neptune…that’s Neptune, New Jersey.

(Quick backstory: Our original location had to be changed due to low registrations, so last Sunday we narrowed our choices down to two possibilities)

We are headed to Neptune, NJ and will do ministry involving Hurricane Sandy relief efforts!

Why not our other location choice?  We had discussed the possibility of traveling to Franklin, NC – and half our group wanted this choice.  However, registration is currently full, so that “closed door” solidified the New Jersey location.

Details will be released soon on schedule specifics.  For now, plan on July 8-15 and look for more information soon.  Trip page will be updated when those details are clarified.

Summer Trip Meeting THIS Sunday, Jan. 29!


Parents, don’t forget about our World Changers Pre-trip meeting THIS Sunday, Jan. 29, at 9:40am in the Barn.  We will cover pertinent details for the trip.  Pasted below are some documents you may want to complete early:

Each participant will be required to have the following forms and documents:

Also, we need to discuss a location change for our trip.  There are several World Changers project locations each year.  Our particular location – Muncie, IN – has a low sign up this year.  We are encouraged to find a new site.  Our two workable options (no date changes here) are Jersey Shore, NJ, and McLeansboro, IL.  There are also some other options that will be discussed.

Remember – after Feb. 5 the trip cost goes up!  Get current trip information here.

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Youth Family Superbowl Party


Our annual Superbowl Party is coming up on Feb. 5!  This is an event for youth WITH their families!  This year’s party will be held in the Barn.  Kickoff should be around 6:30pm, feel free to arrive earlier.

We will provide WINGS…and HOT DOGS (and paper goods).

Last name A-L: bring a side dish to share, plus a soda/drink if you can
Last name M-Z:  bring a dessert to share, plus a soda/drink if you can

In addition to enjoying the BIG game, we’ll have some occasional smaller games to have some fun together.

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Esther, part 2 – Sunday School, Jan. 29


This Sunday in Sunday School we will take a deeper look at the life of Queen Esther and learn that God calls us to look beyond what we can see and trust in Him for deliverance.  You may know that part of the point of this great book of the Bible is to show that God is often at work behind the scenes, even when we can’t see Him.  This is especially helpful for those spiritually “dry” times in our lives.

Here is your weekly conversation sheet.

DON’T FORGET – WE HAVE A SUMMER MISSION TRIP MEETING THIS SUNDAY!  It will be held in the Barn during the SS hour.  See our mission trip page for more information.

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Fuel, Jan. 29

image (19)

Following last week’s lesson on handling our money in a way that pleases God, this week we will talk about handling our time properly, too.  Since we are in the middle of a church-wide emphasis on prayer, we will focus on spending time with God in prayer.

Using Matthew 6:5-15, we’ll what Jesus taught people about prayer, and we’ll find some “helps” that can assist our teenagers in finding a proper attitude of prayer. Prayer is a conversation with Jesus and does not need to contain certain catch phrases, fancy words, or special body positions. At first, most junior high students are uncomfortable praying out loud or making prayer a regular habit outside of church or small group-unless they’re in trouble!

Here’s how you can take this topic even deeper with your teen:

  • Electronic communication is great for a lot of reasons, but how strong are friendships that don’t include some sort of face-to-face time? How does this relate to your friendship with Jesus?
  • Are you pleased with how frequently you pray? Why or why not?
  • What might be some creative ways of praying that you could try?
  • What are some ways we can pray together as a family?

Have a great week!

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Teens and Money

Financial Stewardship

How are we supposed to handle money? We’ll talk about that at Fuel this Sunday…with a pretty fun game, too.

Come ready for great discussion and helpful advice that will help you learn about your own value and how we value money.

By the way, we’re hoping to have an extended series on financial stewardship in the coming months for high school students.  Stay tuned!

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When we can’t see God at work

image (18)

In Sunday School this week we’ll take a look at Esther’s life. She had to trust that God was working his plan even though there was know way of knowing.

We’re in the same boat sometimes, ourselves.  Here’s a conversation sheet to use with your student.

See you Sunday!

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Have a New Temple by Sunday!

image (17)

In Sunday School this week we’ll discuss the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple following the exile.  This was no easy task.  Much like a camping trip, where we’re scrambling for supplies, everything was more difficult for the Jewish people who came back to their land and had to start from scratch.  Their task involved trusting God in the face of opposition, too.

We’re told in the New Testament that we ourselves are temples and that the Holy Spirit dwells inside believers.  This begs the question, “How is your ‘temple’?”  How is your heart?  Sometimes we need to rebuild it – or at least do some maintenance to ensure we are following Christ faithfully.

Take some time this week to discuss this with your teen.  Use a discussion guide to help you.

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Sunday School, Jan. 8


This week during Sunday School, our youth will discuss the return of God’s people from their exile.  They’ll see the struggle it can be to make worship our first priority.  The Israelites returning had an uphill battle just to get settled and rebuild their city.  They had to learn that our worship of God must come first.  Everything else follows our priorities.

This is a great discussion opportunity for you and your student.  Use this sheet to help bring it up: tgp_win17_oneconversations_05

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Help with Upward Concessions, get SSL Hours

If you are a high school student, age 14+, and are looking for SSL hours (or are just looking for something to do), we have a lot of need still for the Upward concessions.  Basically it is Saturdays from Jan 7th through Feb. 25th  from 10am to 2pm preparing lunch orders in the kitchen.  See the link below if interested.  Any necessary training can be provided.

Weekly signup for Upward concessions kitchen crew

Looking for help on Upward game days in the kitchen preparing hot food for our Upward teams, staff, and fans! This is a great way to support the RBC Upward program without having to make a huge commitment. You can sign up for a single week or all eight, whatever fits your schedule. If you would like to volunteer, but aren’t kitchen trained, just add a comment on the timeslot you sign up for and we can make arrangements. I am hoping for 3 people each week, but if a particular day is filled, and you would like to help anyway, come join us, the more the merrier!

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