They’ll put their trust SOMEWHERE!

Psalm 78:1-8 reminds us just how crucial it is to tell the next generation about God and what He has done.  We do it so that the next generation will put their trust in God.  The lesson:  Students WILL put their trust SOMEWHERE!  It is up to the previous generation to ensure they know to put that trust in the right source.

That’s us, of course.  Adults, parents, youth pastors, teachers, etc.  And it matters where we place our trust.  Make no mistake, our culture pressures us to trust less in biblical wisdom and more in contemporary opinion.  That affects our worldview, which, in turn, impacts our decisions.

What’s the point of Psalm 78?  To tell us that our children will have the same passion for their faith as we do for ours.  Though not without exceptions, this general truth occurs with astonishing regularity.  99% of the time, a student’s faith can be traced directly back to his/her parents’ faith.  Vibrant begets vibrant; lukewarm begets lukewarm; open begets open.  You can access a discussion sheet that contrasts worldly wisdom vs. godly wisdom.  It’s all about where we place our trust.

Want to take this deeper?

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