Hatfields and McCoys

One of my current pleasure reads at home is Dean King’s The Feud:  The Hatfields & McCoys: The True Story.  I say “pleasure” read, but it’s kinda depressing.  The bitterness continues a vicious cycle over and over, spilling into murders, interstate legal battles, and revenge leftover from the Civil War.

Our topic Sunday is forgiveness.  While we are unlikely to get into the same pattern as America’s most infamous feudists, we are still prone to similar types of unforgiving spirits that reflect the same human tendency.  It is much subtler but just as pervasive; it leads to cliques, ostracizing, and foolish Facebook posts.  This discussion sheet will help you make a family discussion about forgiveness.  It affects not only our relationship with others but also our relationship with God.  And a forgiving person reflects the forgiving nature of our heavenly Father.

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