Cottage Prayer Meeting

cottage prayer

February 10-12 will be a dynamic weekend of prayer and fellowship, and you can pick a group to meet with here.

General Information

What is it about?

Our Cottage Prayer Meetings are part of a special weekend emphasis on prayer.  All members are encouraged to sign up for a meeting to pray if they are available to do so.

Where does it meet?

There will be several meetings in host homes – “cottages” – so you can pick a meeting at a time/location that works for you.

Is this an all weekend event?

We hope members can choose just one meeting to attend in order to pray with fellow believers.

How long are the meetings and prayer time?

Meetings will include some fellowship time and maybe even some snacks.  A typical meeting might last about an hour and a half.  This would include about 3o minutes of praying together.  While this is the centerpiece of the evening, it’s fair to expect some sweet fellowship, too.  You might choose to spend extra time playing games and getting to know fellow members at the meeting.

Can I sign up online?

Yes!  Just complete the form and you’ll get details about the location you choose.

Registration Form

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