Men’s Ministry 30-30-30 Update

Dear Men,

As 2017 comes to a close, we are down to our final 4 Sundays of the 30-30-30 Challenge.  This challenge was initiated through the leadership of our men.  Now I am asking our courageous men to carry it to completion.

So where are we right now?

To date, 27 new households have attended worship or discipleship at Redland, and 15 people have made a faith profession.  That’s worth celebrating!

But before we work on our endzone celebration, let’s cross the goal line.  We’ve got 3 more new households to go to reach the goal.  We are also just halfway to our goal of 30 faith professions.

How can you help?
Start looking for opportunities to have the right, God-ordained conversations to draw people in deeper commitment, whether through a faith decision or coming to worship/discipleship.  A step further?  Don’t just look for opportunities; create opportunities while partnering with the Spirit.

As we enter a time of increased receptivity to spiritual things, let’s band together and see this challenge through to completion.  To put it another way, the God whom you and I were called to imitate began a good work in each of us, which He will see through to completion.  We follow him by doing the same.

What else is happening in Men’s Min?
While I have you, let me share that since our Sep. 30 dinner event, we have had a very successful “soft” run of our Men’s Bible study series.  We’re ready to invite more to be part of a new round beginning in January.  It’s just 8 weeks.  Look for more information soon from our Men’s Min Director, Matt Horton.

I am thankful to God for each of you, and I look forward to what God will do through the men of Redland who are mobilized for His purpose.

Your partner in ministry,

Kevin Freeman

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