Youth Christmas Party Info!

Each year we enjoy an exciting event in the youth ministry, our Youth Christmas Party!  Held during our 5:00-7:30 Fuel time, the party is a highlight for our students.  Here is what you need to know:

Bring a gift.  A $5 or less wrapped item for our gift exchange.  “White elephant” gifts are always fine, but we encourage some parental oversight on it 🙂

Bring food.  We will provide ham, but we ask that youth come with some food to share.
Grades 6-8: Bring a side/appetizer to share.
Grades 9-10: Bring a dessert to share.
Grades 11-12: Bring a drink to share.
Families with multiple grades:  You may either focus on one of the categories that apply for a large dish, or bring smaller dishes that apply – whatever works best for your family.

Wear funky holiday socks (optional):  If you want to amp up the festivity, come with your toes adorned in some holiday excitement.  Or wear something else festive, if you choose.

So what will we be doing?  The night centers on fellowship, including some fun games and our gift exchange.  We’ll have a short, testimony devotional as well.

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