New Prime Time Mission Statement

Dear Seniors,

Your Prime Time Strategy Team, led by Marilyn J., has been hard at  work!  We wanted to let you know that this past Saturday we met to discuss the mission of Prime Time Senior Adults and came up with the following mission statement that we want to share with you:

Mission Statement:

The mission of RBC Prime Time Seniors Ministry is to elevate the honor of seniors who follow Christ through outreach, proclaiming God’s truth to others, and exemplifying His character through our conduct and service by:

  • Welcoming people, especially other seniors, to our church
  • Serving as an outlet for seniors to use their gifts and talents to the glory of God
  • Providing opportunities for fellowship
  • Providing intergenerational mentoring
  • Encouraging/Caring/Serving other seniors

Luncheon coming up

A luncheon will be held likely in late March to gather Prime Timers together, share updates, and get feedback.  Stay tuned for that date.

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