Youth SS: Core Beliefs

Creator God notes

This Sunday we begin a series called Core Beliefs.  This will be held during our Sunday School hour, and we do this every year (though some other planning adjusted our normal schedule).


March 4 – Creator God
March 11 – Salvation
March 18 – The Uniqueness of Jesus
March 25 – Bible Answer Man (Youth Q & A with teachers)
April 1 – Special Easter lesson
April 8 – Man
April 15 – The Bible
April 22 – The Trinity
April 29 – Bible Answer Man

Why this is important

Students need to know and understand their faith before they can live it out.  Core Beliefs are 6 central doctrines to our faith.  They are at the core of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

How you can get involved

For each lesson we provide some notes for teachers (and even give these out to older students), which cover the main truth concerned.  Download them for yourself and…

  • Talk about them with your student.
  • Look up the verses with them.
  • Ask the questions at the end.
  • Ask what parts they covered in class – it’s not uncommon for there to be so much discussion that the teachers cannot get through all of the content!  You can help finish the rest.


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