Spiritual but not religious? How this week’s Core Belief can help.

Last year Barna research shared about a trend in our society where many describe themselves as “spiritual” who would say they are not “religious.”  You can read their article here.  The trend, of course, is most common in young people.

The gist is that people still have the same built-in spiritual thirst common to all but without the trust that institutionalized faith holds the answer.  Instead their own judgment and ideas are inserted above any absolute truth claim.  So what do we do about that?

This week’s Core Belief reminds us that all people are in need of a Savior, and that Savior is Jesus alone.  We might understand the general distrust of institutions common to many, but our spiritual condition has a much higher authority: God himself.

We will talk about God’s loving act of salvation and our need for it as well.  And we want YOU to talk about it, too!

Download the notes here and use them for your own family discussion.

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