Dads and Daughters, Part 1

Hello Dads (and Moms):

A very happy Father’s Day month to all the amazing men receiving this email. Dads, you are serving a holy and special place in the lives of your children. Being a dad to a pre-teen/teen is a whole new level of faith and fun, so you deserve the honor. Whether you are a dad, a grandfather, stepfather, or an uncle, if you are a man in the life of one our students, I applaud you.

This month’s Online Parenting Class, is for those men. If you are mom, you are encouraged to watch too! We know for some of our families, mom is also “dad” too.

This month’s video has a companion video for moms and sons,  and this is all part of a new, parent equipping resource just for you.  This month’s focus is on dads and daughters. What a great encouragement and some simple, but powerful, hints for dads to be able to connect to their pre-teen/teen daughter’s heart.

In our world right now, our pre-teen/teen girls are being overwhelmed with a confusing message. I am excited to see the positive movement to make sure that no girl or woman is abused or treated as second class. It continues to break my heart, however, that at the same time there are still music, movies and even commercials that are NOT reflecting God’s view and value of His daughters.

I hope this short video this month helps and encourages both our dads and our moms to make sure to stay connected to their daughter’s heart during these confusing times. Please let me know how I can encourage you, pray for you, or even add on some additional help to the ideas presented in this month’s video!

Please check out this online parenting class:

I’m praying for you.

Your partner in ministry,

Kevin Freeman

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