Teens and Social Media

Dear Parents,

I wanted to share a great resource you may enjoy.  It’s called A Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices, by Jonathan McKee.  Jonathan does a great job weaving in biblical truth and practical advice.  You can purchase the book here, but I’m also providing a review of the book.

Teen’s Guide to Social Media REVIEW

In it you’ll find a great synopsis of the 21 points. For example,

Tip #1: Love the One You’re With
“Discovering the secret of “social in a social media world is that the smartphone-generation has become so dependent on their phones that they have become anti-social. It is seen through a few things:

1.) Diminished ability to recognize facial expressions.
2.) Lack of empathy.
3.) A decrease in close friends.

Instead of letting a smart phone ruin your social life, put it back in your pocket and really connect with others.

Take a look and let me know what you think!


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