Discuss it: How did we get here?

During the month of October, the youth will discuss our CORE BELIEFS in Sunday School.

“What are ‘Core Beliefs’?” you ask.

They are six, non-negotiable elements of our faith.  We teach them every year – three in the fall and three in the spring.

Where YOU come in.

One lesson on God our Creator doesn’t cut it, but conversations with your child will take it MUCH farther!  So take some time to talk about it with your teen or tween.  Use our resources page to get some info to talk about.

This Sunday we’ll tackle that first Core Belief, Creator God.  We may have different understandings about the time scope involved.  Those make for interesting conversations (and are worth having), but they can often distract from the purpose: God made us, and that has HUGE implications for how we live and how we ought to live.  This is the bedrock of it all.

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