Discuss it: What makes Jesus unique?

During the month of October, the youth have been discussing our CORE BELIEFS in Sunday School.  These are six, non-negotiable elements of our faith.  

YOUR task – find 15 minutes in the coming week to discuss this week’s Core Belief: The Uniqueness of Jesus

One lesson from us doesn’t have nearly as much impact as a heartfelt conversation with your child.  So take some time to talk about it with your teen or tween.  Use our resources page to get some info to talk about.

This Sunday we’ll tackle third Core Belief, the uniqueness of Jesus.  What makes Jesus unique?  Consider his own claim that “no one comes to the Father except through” himself.  Or consider a Jesus who was man but not God, or God but not man.  Could he have fulfilled the task of saving us?  Take a look at those resources, and let me know how the conversation goes!

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