Empowering Your Teen to Say No (Controlling Schedules), Part 2

Hello Parents and Families:

We are following up on last week’s topic, “Empowering Your Teen to Say No.” It couldn’t come at a busier time!  As I was watching the video, some verses came to mind.  One that continues to stick with me is Proverbs 90:12. It says this,

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

This month’s online parent class is all about schedules and our teen’s time. It is about empowering your teen to say no to controlling schedules. As you watch it, hopefully it will help you do what the verse asks…for God to teach us how to gain wisdom by managing our time (days).

Isn’t that what we want from our pre-teen/teen…to gain wisdom and live a life that is intelligent? Busy schedules, crammed with too many things can quickly overwhelm the most important things and even the most important thoughts. Think about this for a minute…what are your thoughts and your teens thoughts overwhelmed with…wisdom or the next activity on the schedule?

While we feel like we are doing the best things for our child’s future and dreams, are we robbing them of enjoying the present moments?

Watch again and make a list of the helpful hints from the “too-busy” check list and then sit down as a family and pray over your day, weeks, and months. Don’t number them in a way that is packed, but go over your schedule with a red pen, ready to write “No!” on top of a few things.

You are in my heart and prayers!

Your partner in ministry,

Kevin Freeman

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