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Men’s Summer Basketball League Is Here!!

Men's Under 30 : League Champions

Men’s Under 30 :
League Champions

This summer, Redland is hosting a men’s basketball league.  Games are played on Monday & Thursday nights at 8:00 and 9:15pm. Come on out and watch the games! Bring old friends and make new friends!

Details and registration!


Men's Under 30 : League Champions

2014 Men’s Under 30 :
League Champions

Winning Team!

2013 Men’s Over 30 :
League Championship

Volunteer Opportunities in Rec. Ministry

Recreation Ministry has added a web page called “Volunteer Opportunities” for you to search all of the ways you can serve in Recreation Ministry.  Opportunities include Drop-In Basketball, Upward Sports, and special events. We need your friendly face and helping hands!

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“Turn Left at the Second Street Past the ROC”

Sue grew up in Marietta, Georgia and about ten years ago while vacationing in the area we spent a day exploring the town. We found the ice cream parlor where she had her first job and one of the churches she attended. We looked for the home where she lived as a little girl and discovered that most of her old neighborhood is under a Walmart these days.

During that day of exploration one thing I learned was that when people want to find their way to and from places in and about Marietta—they often use a giant 40′ metal chicken as a landmark from which to get their bearings ( which, as you can see, serves as the marquee for a KFC franchise). Whenever they need to give someone directions they say things like, “To find my house, go to the big chicken—turn left and go three blocks.” This big chicken is so central to the geography of Marietta that a few years back the aging metallic bird was rebuilt.  I suppose city officials were afraid people would get lost without it!

I thought of that big chicken this week as I read the great article about our R.O.C. in The Gazette because it is my prayer that our big R.O.C. will stand out such that it becomes a similar landmark for the people of our community. Our neighbors have seen it going up—and thanks to the article they also have an idea of the kinds of things that will go on within its walls. So—as Joed helps Upwards and other programs come on line, it would be great if the R.O.C. became so well known that it became common for people in our community to say things like, “To get to my house turn left at the second street past the Redland R.O.C. ”

In fact, I hope and pray that as people get involved in the recreational ministries of the R.O.C.—as they join us in “playing with a purpose” and build relationships with the members of our church family—they will decide to become Christ-followers themselves such that they look at the R.O.C. as a landmark in their lives and are able to say, “I found Jesus at the R.O.C.”

Remember, this is the ultimate purpose of our R.O.C.—to give people what they want so we have opportunities to give them what they need most—a personal relationship with Jesus. As we “lift up” these walls of steel and sheet rock, we are really lifting up Jesus—Who promised, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.” (John 12:32)

Keep the SON in your eyes!

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