2018-2019 School Year

Fuel is the main time our youth meet outside of Sunday School.  It’s packed with great activities and games, a fantastic dinner, great worship, and biblically-based lessons that hit students where they are now.  Fuel emphasizes small groups and encourages the development of spiritual habits.  We will also have some special nights; some for worship and some for outreach.

It’s free to sign up!  The only charge is for meals, which are only $3, and we even lower the cost for those if you pre-pay!

Register here.  (Opens August 10, 2018)

More information:
Times:  5-7:00pm
(optional hangout until 7:30)

Schedule:  Each night will have games (often with prizes!), meal, worship, and lesson.  Some nights will involve small groups.  All nights will involve excitement!

Event types:  Each night is a little different.  Some emphasize small group discussion, while others are geared toward outreach, worship, or ministry teams.  All youth are welcome on all nights!

Dinner:  We will have great meals to eat together, which is a great part of our night and draws students together.  Meals cost only $3, and we strongly suggest you pay in advance.  Just bring a check on the first Fuel night (September 9).  Cost for 28 meals through April 28 is only $75 (save $9).  Then you won’t have to worry about meal payments for the rest of the school year!

Schedule: TBD

Schedule is subject to change, and some topics will be rearranged (more firm are the nights when we are/are not meeting).


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