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Fuel, Oct. 28

This Sunday at Fuel we will launch a study on apologetics. The purpose of this study is to help our students think critically about why they believe what they believe about God and to learn how to stand firm in their faith amid a culture that will pull them in all directions.

Our first lesson will examine what it means to have a worldview. We’ll challenge our students to think about themselves, what they think, and what foundation they desire to base their life upon. Each of us has a worldview that has been shaped by our upbringing, the environment we grew up in, and our family unit.

Here are some questions that could help fuel great dialogue at home:

  • What are some good, appropriate ways for Christ-followers to respond to our culture’s attitude toward absolute truth?
  • How can Paul’s story of transformation in the Bible encourage you as you interact with people who aren’t followers of Jesus?
  • When do you find it most difficult to follow a Jesus-centered worldview, and why?

We look forward to partnering with you as together we prepare our teenagers for the journey ahead of them by equipping them with the tools necessary to develop a strong, Jesus-centered worldview.

Sunday is also Action Teams night.  Instead of the lesson discussed above, youth who are in Action Teams will meet to discuss their ministry and how they can make the most of it.

Have a wonderful week!

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Fuel, Oct. 21: God’s Faithfulness

This Sunday we discuss our final session in The Real God – God is worth trusting.  That also means we can always count on him!

Be sure to take advantage of the family devotional –  The companion video is pretty fun:  Closed Circuit.  It reminds us that so many “guarantees” aren’t really to be trusted.

Use this guide to discuss God’s faithfulness.

If you have a free RightNow Media account, you can watch the video there, too.  Do you need to sign up for RightNow Media?  It’s free! Visit

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Discuss it: What makes Jesus unique?

During the month of October, the youth have been discussing our CORE BELIEFS in Sunday School.  These are six, non-negotiable elements of our faith.  

YOUR task – find 15 minutes in the coming week to discuss this week’s Core Belief: The Uniqueness of Jesus

One lesson from us doesn’t have nearly as much impact as a heartfelt conversation with your child.  So take some time to talk about it with your teen or tween.  Use our resources page to get some info to talk about.

This Sunday we’ll tackle third Core Belief, the uniqueness of Jesus.  What makes Jesus unique?  Consider his own claim that “no one comes to the Father except through” himself.  Or consider a Jesus who was man but not God, or God but not man.  Could he have fulfilled the task of saving us?  Take a look at those resources, and let me know how the conversation goes!

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Youth Action Teams

One of the key involvements we strive for in Redland Youth Ministry is getting students actively serving in a ministry.  Simply put, teens take a stronger ownership of their faith when they actively serve in ministry.

What this means for youth is that we are encouraging them to sign up on a team that serves within the youth ministry during Sunday School and/or Fuel.

What this means for parents is that you will get some information about the team your child signs up for, so that you can be aware of and encourage it.  Sign ups will take place during the month of October.

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The Corn Maze event is Saturday. Be sure to register.

Help us out by signing up for the maze event.  That helps us plan for food and get other information out to you if we need to.  Register here.

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Fuel, Oct. 7: God’s Justice

This Sunday we discuss the truth that God will make everything right.  That also means we want to be right with him!

Make use of that family devotional – it has a video to watch that accompanies this lesson.  Oh, and it’s a FABULOUS VIDEO:  Closed Circuit.  It shows how God doesn’t miss the injustices in our world.

Use this guide to discuss God’s justice.

If you have a free RightNow Media account, you can watch the video there, too.  Do you need to sign up for RightNow Media?  It’s free! Visit

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Ocean City summer mission trip – Family style

Attention families, we are working to put together a mission trip to Ocean City Baptist Church on August 3-10, 2019. Youth, children, parents, and other adults are encouraged to join in! (Minimum age TBA). Begin praying about making your “vacation” a powerful family mission experience this summer!

Ministry projects may include: construction, kids Bible projects, sports ministry, outreach to internationals, and time for family outings and great relational depth with fellow mission trip team members. Cost is TBA, likely $200-$250 per person.

Contact Kevin Freeman with questions.

Discuss it: How did we get here?

During the month of October, the youth will discuss our CORE BELIEFS in Sunday School.

“What are ‘Core Beliefs’?” you ask.

They are six, non-negotiable elements of our faith.  We teach them every year – three in the fall and three in the spring.

Where YOU come in.

One lesson on God our Creator doesn’t cut it, but conversations with your child will take it MUCH farther!  So take some time to talk about it with your teen or tween.  Use our resources page to get some info to talk about.

This Sunday we’ll tackle that first Core Belief, Creator God.  We may have different understandings about the time scope involved.  Those make for interesting conversations (and are worth having), but they can often distract from the purpose: God made us, and that has HUGE implications for how we live and how we ought to live.  This is the bedrock of it all.

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Helping Your Teen Handle Money, Part 2

Greetings, Moms and Dads!

I hope you are enjoying the start of October and the new routines that hopefully have normalized by this point.  Be sure to take and make the time to spend time together as a family. Even during these older years, time together is valuable.

We want to continue to keep connected with you and your family. We want to consistently send things to encourage and empower you. This month is no different, so we have another great Online Parenting Class about “Helping Your Teen Handle Money”. I am sure you will love it, it is a great one.

What do you think? There were some good, solid thoughts in there for parents and families to consider.  We are looking into a possible biblical finance class early spring, by the way.  But for now, here are the points from last week’s video.

Encouraging Work Early. Is your tween/teen ready to take on a job? Even during the school year, could your child pick up a few hours at a local business on the weekends to make a little money but also learn some responsibility?

Open a Checking Account and Get a Debit Card. Even if you are not sure about opening a full checking account, would a pre-paid debit card work to teach your child how to better manage money?  I’ll admit, my kids are still on a cash system in our house.

Don’t Pay for Everything. Have you had a talk about the difference between “needs” and “wants”? Are you paying for everything, including the new version of things your child already has? What is that teaching them about money management?

Teach Generosity and Saving Early. When was the last time your child saw you stop and help someone in need? What conversations have you had about tithe and offering?

I am praying for you. Let me know how I can help and encourage you even more when it comes to the topic of money and stewardship in your family!

Your partner in ministry,
Kevin Freeman

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Helping Your Teen Handle Money, Part 1

A Happy Fall Hello!

Can you believe we about to finish September? Sometimes it’s mind-boggling to see how time flies!

I hope you and your teen had a great summer. I have heard some of the students talking about summer jobs and making some money over the summer months. That makes this short, Online Parenting Class perfect! It is about “Helping Your Teen Handle Money.”

It is that time of year when you probably feel the pinch of all those registration fees coming in.  Students need to begin working through wise financial management, too.  That may come through helping your child handle the money they made this summer or thinking through how to manage the money your family is going to spend on groceries or other supplies. It is a perfect time to have open and honest discussion about money.

Each of the four hints are spot on to help you and your family think about the topic of money connected to your teenager. I hope it helps you and is some quick inspiration to create a philosophy and approach to money.

Please check out this week’s online parenting class:

Your partner in ministry,
Kevin Freeman

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