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Post-RBC Camp Activities

For youth serving at RBC Camp, we’ll have some fun activities afterward.  The movie day details will come together later, once movie times have posted.

Download the permission slip here.

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Youth SS: The Gospel Calls for Unity

One thing we learn as Christians is that our conduct reflects the God we represent.  Honestly, that’s a sobering thought when I think about my own behavior.  Our Sunday School lesson is about unity.  Our unity showcases the beauty of the cross.  So fights and squabbles produce the opposite effect.  It is no wonder that we are called to be one, unified together.

Take some time to talk about this at home.  Our home requires several discussions about unity and putting others first; maybe this will help your own family dynamics.

Discussion sheet.


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Dads and Daughters, Part 2

Greetings, Moms and Dads!

I want to write a special greeting to the dads of our ministry, as it is Father’s Day month. Being a pre-teen/teen dad is a special calling and deserves a God-size round of applause. It also deserves an extra dose of Godly help, so that is why this month, we are sharing some quick, helpful words about dads connecting with their daughters through our Online Parenting Class!

There is such great, simple, but powerful wisdom in the steps that were shared. If I may, I want to add on a few questions for our dads (and our moms) to consider that are connected to each of the great hints that were shared. Take some time to think about them and even discuss them as a couple?

  • Take them out on simple and fun dates and adventures.
    o Question: Where was your first date? Would you be willing to share that with your daughter?
    o Challenge: Plan a dad-daughter date night that would make your daughter feel special and beautiful!
  • Have intentional conversations every day. (It’s ok to leverage tech!)
    o Question: When was the last time you sat down with your daughter, just the two of you, and had an intentional heart to heart talk?
    o Challenge: Start a text/messaging feed that goes on for a couple days just sharing the little and big things going on in each other’s day.
  • Let her know you love her and that she is beautiful as much as possible!
    o Question: Does your daughter know that you think she is beautiful?
    o Challenge: Send your daughter a private message with a picture of the 2 of you together, let her know one reason beyond outward appearance she is beautiful.
  • Listen to her when she is hurting.
    Question: What is hurting your daughter’s heart right now?
    o Challenge: Sit down with your daughter with no cellphones or distractions. Look here in the eyes and listen… really listen to her heart.

Dads (and moms), these pre-teen/teen years are so important for your daughter. There are only a few years left before they leave the house. Please take and make the time to spend time with them, getting to know them and their true heart.

Serving Our Heavenly Father-

Kevin Freeman

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Teens and Social Media

Dear Parents,

I wanted to share a great resource you may enjoy.  It’s called A Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices, by Jonathan McKee.  Jonathan does a great job weaving in biblical truth and practical advice.  You can purchase the book here, but I’m also providing a review of the book.

Teen’s Guide to Social Media REVIEW

In it you’ll find a great synopsis of the 21 points. For example,

Tip #1: Love the One You’re With
“Discovering the secret of “social in a social media world is that the smartphone-generation has become so dependent on their phones that they have become anti-social. It is seen through a few things:

1.) Diminished ability to recognize facial expressions.
2.) Lack of empathy.
3.) A decrease in close friends.

Instead of letting a smart phone ruin your social life, put it back in your pocket and really connect with others.

Take a look and let me know what you think!


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Youth activities preview for AFTER RBC Camp

Youth helpers at RBC Camp will get to take part in some activities AFTER camp each day!

Important information about these activities:

    1. This is only open to youth camp helpers.
    2. We will need some chaperone support – let Kevin know if you are interested.
    3. Permission slip will be available as early as June 10.

So what are the activities?  Tentative schedule:
Monday: Brazilian dodgeball and pizza lunch ($3)
Tuesday: Swimming
WednesdayIncredibles 2 movie…so don’t go see it early!
Thursday: Walk to lunch at Gourmet Asian Bistro

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SCOTUS Cake Baking and Sunday’s Lesson

You may have heard that on June 4 the Supreme Court voted 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop to withhold services based on religiously held conviction.  If your teen is older, I wholeheartedly recommend discussion of this decision, what it means for Americans, and other, finer points of the issue.

Why do I bring all of this up here?

This Sunday, June 10, our youth will learn that God calls us to stand our ground, refusing to compromise when the truth of the gospel is at stake.  Our passage, Galatians 2:11-21, is less about withholding services and more about freely sharing God’s message with all people, regardless of who they are.  The tie in with the Supreme Court decision and our lesson leads to a few observations:

  1. Standing firm on God’s truth means we share the good news with everyone – no holding back.
  2. Our faith leads us to make very real, day-to-day decisions to either do or not do certain things out of obedience to God.  Religious exercise should never be confined within church walls.
  3. Whatever decision we make must be based on God’s truth and convey God’s love.
  4. We can thank God for the religious liberty to operate on our sincerely held religious beliefs while realizing the law may not always make provision for us to do so.

Perhaps you have different observations.  Talk to your teen or pre-teen about our call to stand firm on the gospel.  Here’s a discussion sheet to help.

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Dads and Daughters, Part 1

Hello Dads (and Moms):

A very happy Father’s Day month to all the amazing men receiving this email. Dads, you are serving a holy and special place in the lives of your children. Being a dad to a pre-teen/teen is a whole new level of faith and fun, so you deserve the honor. Whether you are a dad, a grandfather, stepfather, or an uncle, if you are a man in the life of one our students, I applaud you.

This month’s Online Parenting Class, is for those men. If you are mom, you are encouraged to watch too! We know for some of our families, mom is also “dad” too.

This month’s video has a companion video for moms and sons,  and this is all part of a new, parent equipping resource just for you.  This month’s focus is on dads and daughters. What a great encouragement and some simple, but powerful, hints for dads to be able to connect to their pre-teen/teen daughter’s heart.

In our world right now, our pre-teen/teen girls are being overwhelmed with a confusing message. I am excited to see the positive movement to make sure that no girl or woman is abused or treated as second class. It continues to break my heart, however, that at the same time there are still music, movies and even commercials that are NOT reflecting God’s view and value of His daughters.

I hope this short video this month helps and encourages both our dads and our moms to make sure to stay connected to their daughter’s heart during these confusing times. Please let me know how I can encourage you, pray for you, or even add on some additional help to the ideas presented in this month’s video!

Please check out this online parenting class:

I’m praying for you.

Your partner in ministry,

Kevin Freeman

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Help for Dan’s Eagle Scout project

Dan is working on his Eagle Scout project THIS Saturday. Let’s help him…because helping him is also helping us…because he’s doing work at the church 🙂

Tasks include repairing the Youth House steps AND redoing some mulch beds.

Help him know you’re coming by completing this form:

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Did you see our sponsor child visit video?

Our visit to see Carlos was wonderful!  We want to continue encouraging him through letters and gifts that will help us connect better with him and his needs.

How you can pray:

  • Godly influences in his life – Carlos has not known his mother or father since he was two years old.  He is now thirteen and lives with his grandmother.
  • Physical needs to be met (food, clothing, shelter) – Carlos and his family may be evicted.  The landowner where they rent wants to sell the property.
  • Spiritual growth

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New Recharge Camp Info is out!

Camp students and parents, in a month we’ll be talking about how great camp was!  In case you missed it, an email went out Thursday with a lot of information about camp, including updated website info (, our color wars color – YELLOW!, medications and other items to keep you informed.

If you missed it, double check your inbox and ask if you need further help.

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