Redland Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art that focuses on the betterment of mind and body.  What sets Tang Soo Do apart is its principles:  it is a way of life that fosters discipline, respect, and trust.  These principles will be taught using Biblical examples, emphasizing God’s love and His purpose for our lives.

The World Tang Soo Do honor code is:

1) LTangSooDo logooyalty to country
2) Respect parents and others
3) Honor friendship
4) No retreat in battle
5) In fighting, choose with sense and honor


  • The class instruction is free, however you do pay the Promotion Test fee up front
  • One time $25.00 Membership fee to the World Tang Soo Do Association
  • Uniform– $30 (but not needed for the first class)
  • Promotion test (usually 2 per year) –$50 per test
  • Equipment– none needed to start

Who can attend?

Ages 10 and up (7-10 with an adult present).


Registration for Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Classes will open August 10:

Click HERE to register for Monday’s Class.

Click HERE to register for Thursday’s Class.

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