Core Beliefs are coming up

Twice a year we cover 3 of our 6 Core Beliefs – those beliefs that are central to our faith.  On February 10 we will discuss what the Bible says about Man.  Then on February 17 we cover the Bible and how it’s foundational to our faith.  On February 24 we will cover the Trinity.

Parents, every year I counsel with students who have strong doubts in their faith.  For that reason, I urge you to help solidify at home what we’re covering in Sunday School…Truth is, it’s the other way around.  Sunday School solidifies the foundation laid at home.  So visit the Resource Page, where we have notes on all 3 of the Core Beliefs that we’re covering.  Pick a section and discuss it with your teen, or use one of the FAQs at the back of the notes for discussion.  You’ll be glad you did.

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