In the youth ministry we cover multiple topics.  This page will hold various resources that are used in teaching.  Teens are in the process of formulating what they believe and are typically in the transition of making their parents’ faith their own.  If ever there were  a crucial time for solid biblical teaching, the teenage years are it.  For parents, these resources can help to follow up and solidify the lessons teenagers get at youth meetings.

Core Beliefs

We cover 6 essential beliefs each year.  These are  Creation, Salvation, the Uniqueness of Jesus, Man, Bible, and the Trinity,.  The first three are typically covered near the spring, while the latter three are usually in the fall.

Core Beliefs – Creator God

Core Beliefs – Salvation

Core Beliefs – The Uniqeness of Jesus

Core Beliefs – Man

Core Beliefs – Bible

Core Beliefs – Trinity

Youth Culture and Parenting Links

In the course of ministry I have found a few websites particularly helpful and want to share them with you.  **Quick disclaimer:  We do not necessarily endorse everything on these outside links and cannot be responsible for what they put on their sites.  Nevertheless, I believe they provide helpful insight into the lives of youth and give helpful biblical guidance as well.  I encourage you to interact with these sites and use your own discretion and biblical understanding**

Center for Parent/Youth – led by Dr. Walt Mueller, CPYU helps bridge the gap between parents and youth through cultural trends and biblical responses.  CPYU is also the organization that produces our monthly Parent Pages, available by hard copy (pick up in church foyer) or by email (click here to sign up).

The Source 4 – youth ministry veterans help parents understand the world of teens and how the Word of God can help direct their lives.  Very current.

Digital Kids – provides information and resources for parents, youth workers and educators to help kids navigate their digital world.  It is filled with FREE resources to help you know what is happening in our digital world and how it impacts teens.

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